• My Christian ABC Book

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    “My Christian ABC Book” is a captivating and educational journey designed to introduce young children to the alphabet through the lens of faith and biblical teachings.

    This beautifully crafted children’s book combines the joy of learning letters with the richness of Christian values, making it an ideal resource for families seeking a meaningful and engaging educational experience.

    Each page of the book features a letter of the alphabet, presented in both capital and lowercase forms, accompanied by a carefully chosen word from the Bible.

    From “Aa is for Adam” to “Zz is for Zeal,” every word is brought to life with vibrant and charming illustrations that capture the attention of young readers. These delightful images serve as visual aids, reinforcing the association between letters and biblical concepts.

    Adding an extra layer of depth, each word is accompanied by a relevant Bible verse, providing an opportunity for parents, guardians, and educators to share the spiritual significance behind the chosen words.

    This unique combination of letters, words, images, and verses creates an immersive and interactive learning experience, fostering not only literacy skills but also a foundational understanding of Christian principles.

    “My Christian ABC Book” is thoughtfully designed for preschoolers and early elementary school children, making it an excellent addition to home libraries, Sunday school classrooms, and Christian educational settings. As children explore the pages of this book, they will not only develop essential early literacy skills but also gain exposure to timeless biblical stories and values.

    Engaging, enlightening, and aesthetically pleasing, this book is a perfect gift for families seeking to instill both a love for learning and a strong foundation in Christian teachings. Embrace the joy of discovery as young minds embark on a delightful journey through the alphabet, connecting letters with the rich tapestry of faith in “My Christian ABC Book.”

    Sold By: Banana Boat

    My Christian ABC Book

  • Sunday School Story and Colouring Book Vol 1.

    Sold By: Banana Boat

    Sunday School Story and Colouring Book for ages 3 to 6 years helping to build their faith through creativity.

    This is Volume 1 of this Christian series of story and colouring books for ages 3 to 6, which teaches fundamental Bible passages and principles in a lively, fun and understandable way.

    It allows children to engage with Biblical texts through colouring while identifying with the contemporary multicultural society in which we live.

    Biblical passages are made alive by stories that demonstrate their practical relevance in an age-appropriate manner.

    Order now for a creative and fun way to teach your children and build their faith.

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