• BACKPACK Ancestral Legacy Backpack

    Sold By: Banana Boat

    The “Ancestral Legacy Backpack,” is a robust and stylish carrier designed to honour cultural roots while catering to everyday needs.

    Made from durable 1200D nylon, this backpack features a compelling design – a stunning, vibrant print of a Black woman with the powerful declaration, “I am my ancestors’ wildest dreams.”

    It celebrates heritage and the continuation of legacy through its vivid and inspiring artwork that suggests both a respect for the past and a responsibility to carry forward the dreams and achievements of ancestors.

    It comes with multiple compartments, including a secure tablet sleeve and side mesh pockets for easy access to essentials.


    Adjustable padded straps ensure comfort for all-day use, making it perfect for school, work, or travel.


    Embrace your heritage and style with every journey.

    Get one now while stocks last!

  • BACKPACK Mother Kissing Baby Backpack

    Sold By: Banana Boat

    Introducing the “Mother Kissing Baby Backpack” – a stylish and functional multi-function diaper backpack.

    Featuring a vibrant black mother kissing her baby in an impasto design, this bag offers ample storage with multiple pockets, a spacious interior, and a comfortable, adjustable fit.

    Perfect for modern parents on the go, it’s a practical and fashionable choice for both moms and dads.

    Order yours today and experience the perfect blend of style and practicality!

  • BOOK My Christian ABC Book

    Sold By: Banana Boat

    “My Christian ABC Book” is a captivating and educational journey designed to introduce young children to the alphabet through the lens of faith and biblical teachings.

    This beautifully crafted children’s book combines the joy of learning letters with the richness of Christian values, making it an ideal resource for families seeking a meaningful and engaging educational experience.

    Each page of the book features a letter of the alphabet, presented in both capital and lowercase forms, accompanied by a carefully chosen word from the Bible.

    From “Aa is for Adam” to “Zz is for Zeal,” every word is brought to life with vibrant and charming illustrations that capture the attention of young readers. These delightful images serve as visual aids, reinforcing the association between letters and biblical concepts.

    Adding an extra layer of depth, each word is accompanied by a relevant Bible verse, providing an opportunity for parents, guardians, and educators to share the spiritual significance behind the chosen words.

    This unique combination of letters, words, images, and verses creates an immersive and interactive learning experience, fostering not only literacy skills but also a foundational understanding of Christian principles.

    “My Christian ABC Book” is thoughtfully designed for preschoolers and early elementary school children, making it an excellent addition to home libraries, Sunday school classrooms, and Christian educational settings. As children explore the pages of this book, they will not only develop essential early literacy skills but also gain exposure to timeless biblical stories and values.

    Engaging, enlightening, and aesthetically pleasing, this book is a perfect gift for families seeking to instill both a love for learning and a strong foundation in Christian teachings. Embrace the joy of discovery as young minds embark on a delightful journey through the alphabet, connecting letters with the rich tapestry of faith in “My Christian ABC Book.”

    Sold By: Banana Boat

    BOOK My Christian ABC Book

  • BOOK Sunday School Story and Colouring Book Vol 1.

    Sold By: Banana Boat

    Sunday School Story and Colouring Book for ages 3 to 6 years helping to build their faith through creativity.

    This is Volume 1 of this Christian series of story and colouring books for ages 3 to 6, which teaches fundamental Bible passages and principles in a lively, fun and understandable way.

    It allows children to engage with Biblical texts through colouring while identifying with the contemporary multicultural society in which we live.

    Biblical passages are made alive by stories that demonstrate their practical relevance in an age-appropriate manner.

    Order now for a creative and fun way to teach your children and build their faith.

  • DEVOTIONAL Be Courageous 30-Day Devotional Journal

    Sold By: Banana Boat

    Embark on a transformative journey of fearless faith with “Be Courageous: A 30-Day Devotional Journal.”

    Designed to inspire and empower, this devotional journal invites you to explore the lives of biblical heroes who demonstrated remarkable courage in the face of adversity.

    Each day, delve into a new biblical account—from David’s triumph over Goliath to Esther’s brave approach to the king—and uncover timeless lessons on living courageously. With guided reflections and thought-provoking prompts, this journal encourages you to:

    • Reflect on the courage displayed in scripture.
    • Examine your own life and identify areas where you can grow in boldness.
    • Seek God’s guidance and strength to face your challenges with faith and confidence.

    “Be Courageous” is more than just a devotional; it’s a companion on your journey to spiritual growth and personal empowerment.

    The journal provides ample space for daily reflections, prayers, and action points, helping you to internalize and apply the principles of courage in your everyday life.

    Whether you’re looking to overcome fear, pursue your dreams, or deepen your faith, this 30-day devotional journal offers the inspiration and tools you need to live a life of boldness and conviction. Embrace the courage found in Christ and take the first step towards a fearless future.

    Start your journey of courage today with “Be Courageous: A 30-Day Devotional Journal.”

    Order one for yourself or buy it as a gift for those who need to strengthen their faith and step out boldly in their purpose.

  • DEVOTIONAL Covenant Love Devotional Journal

    Sold By: Banana Boat

    Embark on a Transformative Adventure with Your Spouse

    Welcome to “Covenant Love Devotional Journal: Strengthening Your Godly Marriage,” a beautifully crafted 30-day guide designed to enrich and deepen the sacred bond you share with your spouse.

    This devotional journal invites you to explore the divine blueprint of marriage as outlined in Scripture, helping you to build a Christ-centered relationship grounded in love, unity, and mutual commitment.

    Discover/Explore the Sacred Covenant of Marriage

    In the beginning, God designed marriage as a sacred covenant between a man and a woman. This journal delves into the profound wisdom of Genesis 2:24 and Ephesians 5:31-32, uncovering the spiritual significance of marriage as a reflection of Christ’s relationship with His Church. Each day’s devotional offers biblical principles, reflective practices, and scriptural insights to strengthen your marital bond.

    Key Features and Benefits:

    – 30-Day Devotional Journey: Engage in daily reflections and activities that inspire growth and connection.
    – Scriptural Foundations: Draw inspiration from key biblical passages to understand God’s design for marriage.
    – Reflective Practices: Thought-provoking prompts and exercises to deepen your relationship and faith.
    – Christ-Centered Guidance: Explore the divine nature of marriage as a living parable of Christ and His Church.
    – Perfect for All Couples: Ideal for newlyweds, long-time partners, or those renewing their vows.

    Why “Covenant Love” is Essential for Your Marriage:

    • Strengthen Your Bond: Cultivate a deeper, more meaningful connection with your spouse through faith-based guidance.
    • Spiritual Growth: Enhance your spiritual journey together, building a marriage that reflects God’s love and purpose.
    • Daily Inspiration: Find daily encouragement and practical insights to navigate the joys and challenges of married life.

    Join Thousands of Couples on a Journey of Love and Faith

    “Covenant Love” is more than a journal—it’s a pathway to a richer, more fulfilling marriage. Whether you’re seeking to renew your vows, deepen your connection, or simply grow together in faith, this devotional journal is your perfect companion.

    Order your copy of “Covenant Love Devotional Journal: Strengthening Your Godly Marriage” today and start a journey of renewal, growth, and joy with your spouse. Embrace the beauty of your marriage within the context of God’s divine plan!

    Strengthen your bond, grow in faith, and discover the true essence of a Godly marriage with “Covenant Love.” Available now!

  • DEVOTIONAL Faith Over Fear Kids Devotional

    Sold By: Banana Boat

    “Faith Over Fear: Inspiring Bible Stories Devotional for Kids” is a captivating devotional designed specifically for kids aged 8-13.

    This collection of powerful Bible stories introduces young readers to the timeless tales of courage and faith that have inspired generations.

    What’s inside:

    Dive into the extraordinary adventures of some of the Bible’s most heroic figures. From Daniel’s unwavering faith in the lion’s den to David’s fearless battle with Goliath, and Queen Esther’s brave stand for her people, “Faith Over Fear: Inspiring Bible Stories Devotional for Kids 8-13” brings these stories to life in a way that resonates with today’s young readers.

    Each story is crafted to not only entertain but also to teach valuable lessons about trusting God and facing challenges with courage. After each story, there’s space for kids to write their thoughts, feelings, and any questions they might have, making it a personal and interactive experience.

    Why You’ll Love This Book:

    • Engaging and Relatable: Written in a style that captures the interest of children, these stories are both exciting and educational.
    • Interactive: With dedicated space for personal reflections and questions, kids can deepen their understanding and apply the lessons to their own lives.
    • Encouraging: Helps children develop a strong foundation of faith and the courage to face life’s challenges with confidence.
    • Perfect for Various Settings: Ideal for individual reading, family devotions, or Sunday school discussions.

    Key Features:

    • Ages 8-13: Suitable for upper elementary and middle school children.
    • Inspirational Stories: Highlights the bravery and faith of biblical heroes.
    • Interactive Elements: Encourages kids to engage with the content and reflect on their own experiences.

    Empower your child to choose faith over fear with this inspiring devotional.

    Order your copy of “Faith Over Fear: Inspiring Bible Stories Devotional for Kids 8-13” today and watch their courage and faith blossom!

  • DEVOTIONAL Faithful Steward Devotional Journal (Men)

    Sold By: Banana Boat

    Unlock the Power of Faithful Stewardship with Our 30-Day Devotional Journal for Men

    Discover a transformative journey with the “Faithful Steward 30-Day Devotional Journal for Men.

    This carefully crafted 30-day devotional is designed to guide men in embracing their God-given role as faithful stewards of their talents, resources, and time.

    Key Features:

    • Daily Scripture: Each day begins with a powerful verse to ground your reflections.
    • Insightful Devotionals: Thought-provoking messages inspire you to apply biblical principles to your everyday life.
    • Reflective Journal Prompts: Engage in deep self-reflection with prompts that help you internalize and practice faithful stewardship.
    • Comprehensive Topics: Covering crucial aspects such as using your gifts for God’s glory, managing resources, being a faithful husband and embracing rest.

    Why This Journal?

    In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to lose sight of the importance of stewardship. This journal is specifically designed for men who want to align their lives with God’s purpose and grow in spiritual maturity. Whether you’re looking to strengthen your faith, improve your life balance, or simply find daily inspiration, this devotional provides the tools and guidance you need.

    Perfect for:

    – Personal spiritual growth
    – Daily devotions and reflections
    – Men’s ministry and small groups
    – Meaningful gifts for Christian men

    Embrace Your Role as a Faithful Steward

    Each day’s content is crafted to encourage and challenge you, helping you to see every part of your life as an opportunity to honour God. With this journal, you’ll cultivate habits that reflect a life of purpose and dedication to God’s kingdom.

    Order Your Copy Today

    Start your journey toward becoming a more faithful steward of everything God has entrusted to you. Order your “Faithful Steward 30-Day Devotional Journal for Men” today and take the first step in transforming your life through intentional stewardship.

  • DEVOTIONAL Faithful Steward Devotional Journal (Women)

    Sold By: Banana Boat

    Welcome to “Faithful Steward: A 30-Day Devotional Journal for Women”.

    This journal was designed beautifully and crafted specifically for women seeking to deepen their relationship with God and embrace their unique purpose.

    This devotional guide will help you reflect on various aspects of your life, enabling you to be intentional about your stewardship and experience the fullness of life God intends for you.

    What’s Inside:

    • Daily Devotionals: 30 thoughtfully written devotionals that explore different aspects of stewardship, including time, talents, finances, relationships, and rest.
    • Scripture Readings: Carefully selected Bible verses to inspire and guide your reflections each day.
    • Reflective Journal Prompts: Provocative questions and prompts to help you apply the day’s teachings to your life and grow in your faith.
    • Purposeful Themes: Focus on a new aspect of stewardship each day to ensure a comprehensive understanding and application of biblical stewardship.

    Why You’ll Love This Journal:

    • Designed for Women: Tailored specifically to the unique challenges and joys women face in their spiritual journey.
    • Inspirational and Practical: Combines spiritual insights with practical steps to help you live out your faith in everyday life.
    • Beautifully Crafted: Elegant design and layout to enhance your devotional experience and make it a joy to use daily.

    Join a Community of Faithful Stewards:

    By committing to this 30-day journey, you’ll join countless women who have found inspiration, renewal, and a deeper connection to God through faithful stewardship.

    Embrace the joy of living purposefully, manage God’s gifts wisely, and honour Him in every area of your life.

    Perfect For:

    • Women seeking spiritual growth and a deeper relationship with God.
    • Anyone looking to balance the demands of work, family, and personal time through a faith-based approach.
    • Those desiring a structured yet flexible devotional guide to enrich their daily walk with Christ.

    Start your journey towards faithful stewardship today with “Faithful Steward: A 30-Day Devotional Journal for Women” and discover how God can work in you and through you to bless others and glorify His name.

    Purchase your copy now and begin your transformation into a faithful steward of God’s incredible gifts.

  • DEVOTIONAL Forgiveness Devotional Journal

    Sold By: Banana Boat

    Unlock the Healing Power of Forgiveness with our “Forgiveness Devotional Journal: A 30-Day Journey to Forgiveness and Freedom”.

    This devotional journal is your guide to experiencing the transformative power of forgiveness. It is designed to support you in healing from past wounds, mending broken relationships, and fostering spiritual growth.

    Over the course of 30 days, you will explore what the Bible teaches about forgiveness through carefully selected scriptures, reflective devotionals, and thought-provoking self-reflection questions.

    Each day’s entry is crafted to help you delve deeper into the concept of forgiveness, offering insights and encouragement to help you let go of past hurts and embrace a future filled with peace and joy.

    This journal includes daily Bible verses from the King James Version (KJV), relevant Bible stories that illustrate the principles of forgiveness, and ample space for personal reflection and journaling. Designed for both individual use and group study, it’s a versatile tool for anyone seeking to understand and practice forgiveness in their daily life.

    Embark on this transformative journey and discover the profound impact of living a life rooted in grace and compassion. Start your journey to forgiveness and freedom today with the “Forgiveness Devotional Journal: A 30-Day Journey to Forgiveness and Freedom”.

    Order your copy now.

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