DEVOTIONAL Faith Over Fear Kids Devotional

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“Faith Over Fear: Inspiring Bible Stories Devotional for Kids” is a captivating devotional designed specifically for kids aged 8-13.

This collection of powerful Bible stories introduces young readers to the timeless tales of courage and faith that have inspired generations.

What’s inside:

Dive into the extraordinary adventures of some of the Bible’s most heroic figures. From Daniel’s unwavering faith in the lion’s den to David’s fearless battle with Goliath, and Queen Esther’s brave stand for her people, “Faith Over Fear: Inspiring Bible Stories Devotional for Kids 8-13” brings these stories to life in a way that resonates with today’s young readers.

Each story is crafted to not only entertain but also to teach valuable lessons about trusting God and facing challenges with courage. After each story, there’s space for kids to write their thoughts, feelings, and any questions they might have, making it a personal and interactive experience.

Why You’ll Love This Book:

  • Engaging and Relatable: Written in a style that captures the interest of children, these stories are both exciting and educational.
  • Interactive: With dedicated space for personal reflections and questions, kids can deepen their understanding and apply the lessons to their own lives.
  • Encouraging: Helps children develop a strong foundation of faith and the courage to face life’s challenges with confidence.
  • Perfect for Various Settings: Ideal for individual reading, family devotions, or Sunday school discussions.

Key Features:

  • Ages 8-13: Suitable for upper elementary and middle school children.
  • Inspirational Stories: Highlights the bravery and faith of biblical heroes.
  • Interactive Elements: Encourages kids to engage with the content and reflect on their own experiences.

Empower your child to choose faith over fear with this inspiring devotional.

Order your copy of “Faith Over Fear: Inspiring Bible Stories Devotional for Kids 8-13” today and watch their courage and faith blossom!

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Here’s what you’ll find in the “Faith Over Fear: Inspiring Bible Stories Devotional for Kids 8-13”:

  • Age-Appropriate Content: Tailored for kids aged 8-13, ensuring the stories and lessons are relatable and understandable.
  • Engaging Bible Stories: Includes captivating tales of biblical heroes like Daniel, David, Queen Esther, and more.
  • Interactive Elements: Provides space for personal reflections, thoughts, and questions after each story, making the experience interactive.
  • Inspirational Themes: Focuses on themes of faith, courage, and trust in God, providing moral and spiritual lessons.
  • High-Quality Illustrations: Beautiful illustrations that bring each story to life and engage young readers.
  • Easy-to-Read Format: Written in a clear and engaging style suitable for upper elementary and middle school children.
  • Versatile Usage: Perfect for individual reading, family devotionals, or Sunday school discussions.
  • Durable and Attractive Design: Designed to be visually appealing and durable, ideal for young readers to handle.


  • Encourages Spiritual Growth: Helps children develop a strong foundation of faith and trust in God.
  • Builds Moral Values: Teaches valuable lessons about courage, faith, and integrity through the lives of biblical heroes.
  • Promotes Reflection: Encourages kids to think deeply about the stories and apply the lessons to their own lives.
  • Enhances Understanding of the Bible: Makes biblical stories accessible and engaging, fostering a love for scripture.
  • Strengthens Family Bonds: Provides a wonderful opportunity for family discussions and shared devotional time.
  • Boosts Confidence: Empowers children to face their own challenges with courage, inspired by the examples of biblical figures.
  • Interactive Learning: Engages kids in active learning through writing and reflection, reinforcing the lessons learned.
  • Nurtures Emotional Well-being: Offers comforting and encouraging messages, helping kids feel supported and understood.
  • Adaptable for Different Settings: Suitable for use at home, in church groups, or in educational settings, making it a versatile resource.
  • Fosters a Positive Mindset: Inspires children to choose faith over fear, promoting a positive and hopeful outlook on life.

The “Faith Over Fear: Inspiring Bible Stories Devotional for Kids 8-13” is a valuable resource for parents, educators and ministry leaders.

Order your copies today!

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DEVOTIONAL Faith Over Fear Kids Devotional

£9.99£11.99 (-17%)

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